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If you have an acute medical concern, such as a common cold, strep throat, or a minor injury, the Westmed Family Healthcare team offers same-day urgent care services for men, women, and children in the Westminster, Colorado, area. The skilled family of medical specialists knows that sometimes life can take an unexpected turn, and efficient, attentive medical care becomes a top priority. For the highest caliber of urgent care for you and your family, call or click to visit Westmed Family Healthcare.

Urgent Care Q & A

What is urgent care?

The physicians at Westmed Family Healthcare offer urgent care to treat acute medical concerns the same day or as soon as possible.

Urgent care is centered on providing immediate and efficient medical care for concerns that warrant prompt medical attention but aren’t considered critical or serious enough for an emergency room visit.

What are the most common reasons for urgent care visits?

Among the reasons for urgent care visits are:

Common Cold

The common cold is a viral infection of your upper respiratory tract that can cause uncomfortable symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, low-grade fever, and sore throat.

Sprained Ankle

Most ankle sprains involve injuries to any of the three ligaments on the outside of your ankle. An ankle sprain occurs when you twist or turn your ankle in a way that can tear or stretch your ligaments.

Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection involving any part of your urinary system. If you have a UTI, you might have a frequent urge to urinate and a burning sensation during urination.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can cause a sore and scratchy throat, fever, headache, and rash.

What’s the difference between an emergency room and an urgent care center?

A medical center offering urgent care treats acute illnesses such as strep throat, flu, and allergies as well as minor injuries and wounds.

Emergency care clinics deal with critical and life-threatening conditions. For example, if you’re experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, and have concerns that it could be a heart attack, the emergency room is the right place to go. Emergency care is for conditions that require immediate medical attention.

If you visit an urgent care center and your condition is more serious, you will be redirected to an emergency room.

Westmed Family Healthcare offers urgent care and same-day appointments for acute medical concerns. Urgent care gives you access to the same high standard of medical care along with efficiency and convenience.

Westmed Family Healthcare offers STD testing, physicals, and immunizations, and provides on-site lab work and a range of testing, screening, and imaging, including X-rays and electrocardiograms.

If you have an acute medical concern, call or click to get in touch with Westmed Family Healthcare for compassionate same-day care.

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